Sunday, May 12, 2013

SUNDAY FUNNIES: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! (Things a Mother would NOT say)

Mommy hatched me!
Mother licked me clean after birth!
You lucky stiffs have both Ms. Waxy Dragon (left) AND Autumn the Puppy here with you today as we celebrate MOTHERS DAY!

Our Mothers are great ladies!
Of course that is a prerequisite for the job, which goes without saying.
There are plenty of things Mothers do and say, and sometimes us children actually listen to them.
But have you ever thought about the things no Mother in their right mind would ever say?

"Now that you've entered junior high school, you're old enough for unchaperoned dates."

"Your father and I are going away for the weekend. Hope you have a nice party while we're gone."

"You want to skip school and play hooky today? Great! I'll go grab my coat and we can hang out together!"

"You failed history? Well, who needs to know all that boring old stuff anyway."

"Just leave all your dirty clothes on the floor in your room. Sooner or later they'll be smelly enough to walk to the washer on their own."

"Here's my credit card and the keys to the car. Go out and have a good time."


Well, we think you get the idea. Mothers may say things at times us children do not agree with, but let's face it. Our Mothers are great and do love us. And of course we love them!

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