Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hello Everybody. Autumn the Puppy here.
In the Northern Hemisphere, we are currently in the middle of what is known as the Dog Days of Summer.
Now personally, I love warm weather to a point.
I don't want it so hot that I have to stay in the shade with my water bowl all the time and be able to cook my meals on the sidewalk.
That's hot!
But in any event, when thinking about what I could do for this week's column, I thought about all the dogs I've sniffed before, and decided to repost some of those past images for your enjoyment once more.

You try wearing glasses with a pug nose!

This fellow on the right was having trouble keeping his sun goggles on, and considering that us canines don't have arms in the traditional sense of the word, found another way to readjust them.
Tastes delicious. How much are you making?

Full face or profile, sir?

Meanwhile, the puppy on the left decided to lend a paw and help his mistress cook up some yummy, homemade dog treats.

This fellow on the right, like any dog, is curious about anything and everything all the time. When the picture was taken, he was interested in the camera itself. While one lick proved it didn't taste good, he soon figured out which end was his good side.


This little guy on the left lives in a penthouse apartment with his owners. The photo was original taken on New Year's Eve, hence the funny pose.
Don't worry, us canines hate alcohol and never touch the stuff ourselves.


Unfortunately, that's about all the space we have for now, so I'll let my friend on the right wave bye to everyone as I ask you to have a great week and please be back here next weekend for more Sunday Funnies.-AtP.

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