Sunday, August 25, 2013


Belgosian Dark Chocolate is no laughing matter!
Hello everybody! Waxy Dragon here!
Jokes have been made about a lot of stuff over the years, and one of my favorite subjects is food.
So without any further delay, here are some yummy jokes to wet your taste buds!

Why do they put so many holes in Swiss cheese when it's Limburger cheese that needs the air vents?

A waffle is just a pancake with a no skid tread.

If it isn't a grape or a fruit, then just what is a grapefruit?

Wife: Do you feel like a second cup of coffee with your breakfast?
Image via Google, artist(s) unknown
Husband: Why? Do I look like one?

Q. Why did the track star eat out a lot?
A: He loved fast food.

Customer: What kind of cake is that?
Waiter: Marble cake. Would you like a slice?
Customer: No, I'll just take it for granite.

Q: Why did the customer refuse his alphabet soup?
A: It was trying to spell dirty words.

The waiter bragged, "Here's your oyster soup, sir and I wish you good luck. Sometimes you find a pearl within an oyster."
The customer looked at the cheap serving of oyster soup before him and said, "I'd be happy just to find an oyster in this stuff!"

Q: What state has the bigger grapefruit: Florida or California?
A: Does it matter? The grapefruit isn't there for a vacation.
The late, great George Carlin!

All these jokes are making me hungry. But before I go, let me close with a classic routine from George Carlin.

"Where is the blue food? Green is lime, yellow is lemon, orange is orange, red is cherry, but what is blue? There is no blue! Blueberries aren't blue. Where is the blue food?"

And on that note. Good night folks. Don't forget to tip your wait staff and please be back here next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!-wd.

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