Saturday, August 31, 2013


Welcome to the Labor Day weekend edition of The Puzzle Corner. We'll try not to strain your brain too hard.

This is the debut of a BRAND NEW GAME! A famous quote is repeated below, or is it?
All you have to do is say whether or not the quote is accurate. Ready?

From the 1977 movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind:
"We are ready on the dark side of the moon. Play the five notes."

We haven't played this is quite a while, but the rules remain the same.
Two separate things have been combined to create a new item. Can you figure out what it is, based upon the clue below?

Celebrations of life on a daytime soap opera?

We'll reveal all next weekend. Meanwhile, let's take a look inside THE ANSWERS BOX and reveal the results from our Linda Ronstadt quiz from the August 24, 2013 Puzzle Corner.

01. Linda Ronstadt started her career as the lead singer for a group. What was the title of their very first
album? The Stone Poneys (1967)
02. What was the title of their very first single? Sweet Summer Blue and Gold (1967)
03. What song did Michael Nesmith of The Monkees write for her to sing? Different Drum, although technically the song was originally accredited to the alias Michael Blessing, since Nesmith was still under contract with the people behind The Monkees at the time.
04. What was the title of her very first solo album? Hand Sown, Home Grown (1969) her self titled album wasn't released until 1971.
05. What was the title of her very first solo single? The Long Way Around (1969)
06. Who considered Ronstadt's version of Blue Bayou the best rendition he had ever heard? The song's writer and original performer Roy Orbison.
07. What was Ronstadt's first collaboration with another recording artist? (HINT: Nobody from Questions 1-3 are involved.) James Ingram on the 1986 single "Somewhere, Out There" from the movie An American Tail.
08. What two entertainers did Ronstadt team up with to form the Trio? Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton
09. What was Ronstadt's first solo album to be ranked #1? Heart Like A Wheel (1974)
10. What was Ronstadt's first solo single to be ranked #1? You're No Good (1975)

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