Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Harper Collins
The sophomore volume of Dick Wolf's fledgling Jeremy Fisk series begins shortly after the conclusion of the debut novel: The Intercept.
Fisk of the New York Police Department's Anti-Terrorist Intel Division is on mandatory desk duty, mourning the loss of his former partner/girlfriend, while making threat assessments and security arrangements for visiting dignitaries because New York City is about to host the annual United Nations Week.
Meanwhile, an assassin for hire known only as "Chuparosa" is also on his way to NYC, as well as the very determined Mexican Intelligence agent Cecilia Garza, who vows not only to protect her President as he heads to New York on a diplomatic visit, but to catch the killer too.

Dick Wolf, the creator of the Law and Order and Chicago Fire/PD franchises for television, is a masterful storyteller who has written another page turner that keeps you wanting to know what happen's next even after the end of the book.

It was wise of him not to give Jeremy Fisk another love interest so soon, although there was definitely some mutual interest between Fisk and Garza.

However, while I caught no obvious errors like the New York Yankees/Mets situation in his first book, I am quite surprised by Fisk's actions towards the end of the novel.
I'm not saying I don't understand the reasons why Fisk did what he did, but that I perceived the character to be a better man than to do the deed in question.

In any event, I give The Execution my highest recommendation and eagerly await the third installment of this series.

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